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District 202 buys 6,700 laptops for early elementary students

Plainfield District 202 has ordered about 6,700 more laptops specifically for all pre-kindergarten through third grade students to use for remote learning.

The laptops may be delivered and ready for families in mid to late-October. Actual delivery will depend on market and supply conditions. The district will alert families as soon as possible when the laptops are available.

District 202 students started the new school year on August 31, 2020 in remote learning because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The district also bought 10,000 laptops earlier this summer for 4th-12th graders to use for remote learning. Both purchases together cost about $7 million.

District 202’s PreK-3rd grade remote learning curriculum does not require a computer for students to participate, however, families have requested laptops for their younger students as well.

“We worked hard to make the early elementary remote learning program as user-friendly as possible even without laptops, but we understand laptops will make this challenge a little easier for our families,” said District 202 Board of Education President Kevin Kirberg.




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