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School Mission

We share with our community the responsibility for the education for all students. We will:
  • Provide a nurturing learning environment for all students.
  • Create engaged and varied learning experiences in curricular learnings that accommodate different learning styles.
  • Build a cooperative link between home, school, and community while organizing the uniqueness of our new school community.


We see River View Elementary School as a place of discovery, critical thinking, and understanding. Our students are eager to come to school because:

  • They have a sense of responsibility to our school and community.
  • They are excited about learning.
  • They are confident in their ability to work cooperatively, experience success and accept responsibility for their actions and achievements.
  • They care about themselves and others.

Our staff is professional, enthusiastic, and caring. We recognize and value that parents are the first teachers and continue to be an integral part of our children's educational process. The River View Elementary School staff, parents, and community act as positive role models for our students..




In a successful learning environment, which is positive and respectful, there must be a shared responsiblity of discipline between parents, students and staff.

Parent Involvement

The River View staff believes that parental involvement consists of:

  • Sharing in the responsibility for education by supporting the school mission and vision.
  • Developing and maintaining open lines of communication.
  • Building mutual respect, trust, and confidentiality amongst parents and staff.


  • We believe curriculum is based on ever-changing research, age appropriate, expandable, and should relate to the everyday world.
  • We believe curriculum should be integrated seamlessly across grade levels.  
  • We believe that our River View curriculum is based upon Illinois Learning Standards, District 202 goals, and grade level benchmarks.
  • We believe curriculum should be used as a tool to focus instruction, integrate technology, and recognize the range of learners within the district.


The River View staff believes that:

  • Teachers must collaborate with parents, community and peers.
  • The learning environment promotes respect, responsibility and caring.
  • Teachers offer a learning environment that is based on Best

  1. Student-centered/teacher facilitator/cooperative learning
  2. Modified authentic instruction and assessment

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