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River View Home PE Ideas

Hi parents and students!  Mr. McNabb, Mr. Beintum and Mrs. Pringle miss everyone a ton!  As we are all stuck in our homes, we just wanted to share a few ideas and websites to use with your kids to stay active.  We will also be updating our River View PE teacher homepage to share more ideas and information.


Ideas for your family

- Take walks

- Bike rides

- Four Square (using chalk to make your court and can even do in the garage if raining)

- Dance Party! 

- Bags (cornhole) tournament.  Set up in garage if its raining or maybe even in the house.

- Timed races down the block and back. 

- Jump rope competition

- Hula Hoop Competition


For students to practice their warm-ups that we do every day, play Eye of the Tiger and have your child teach you our warm ups!

Flexibly Section- Hold all stretches for 20 seconds

- Butterfly Stretch (Sit on floor, bring feet together in front and hold)

- Modified Hurdler (keep one leg straight and bend your other leg so the sole of your foot is pressing against your inner thigh.  Switch legs after 20 seconds)

-  Quad Stretch (Lay on your side. Pull your foot behind your back so it is touching your back side.  Switch legs after 20 seconds)

Muscular Strength Section- Do 10 of each 

- Sit Ups (feet flat, knees bent, arms across your chest)

- Push Ups (back straight, legs straight, bend elbows 90 degrees

Cardiovascular Section

-Jog in Place increasing your speed every ten seconds



Websites to use (search for Just Dance for kids, kids yoga, fitness for kids) 

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